A little demon came out of the wall.

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She said eagerly, the wind sighed, thought, nodded: "Well,

She said eagerly, the wind sighed, thought, nodded: "Well, only one night, we leave tomorrow." Is it really so difficult to understand the world? He subconsciously looked at Chen Xiaoyao beside him. She was intoxicated with the beauty of Lian Qiu. She was ignorant of everything. Maybe this is the best. In his previous life, he also carried a gourd on his back to collect demons everywhere. In the mountains south of Lishui, he met two blue lotus flowers, Lian Yu and Bian Qiu's brother and sister. All things in the world, no matter the demons, are seeking the art of immortality. Eating the blue lotus is the easiest way. Therefore, in order to protect themselves, the blue lotus is a demon but has no evil spirit. It is extremely difficult to find it in the crowd. At that time, however, their brother and sister were chased to a dead end by several demons and had nowhere to hide. He saved them from the monster and had this fate. The marriage between a demon and a human being is not in line with the law of heaven. Not to mention the bad practice, it may also be involved in the love of the world, just like Sang Ran. But he is not one of those old-fashioned people in heaven. He must be unable to escape the plunder he should encounter, so why should he force it? He took a sip of tea beside the wind. The special smell in the courtyard made him raise his eyes. "Don't you dare to show up?" He said with a smile. "Aren't you afraid she'll invite you to dinner again?" Mo You appeared from the dark and leaned against the tree beside him. "I'll find a way to kill her," he said. "You'll see." The wind raised his eyebrows. "Are you here to kill her?" As he spoke, he glanced at the demon in the room who was so frightened by the sudden appearance of Moyou that he only dared to show his head. "No," Mo You looked up at the moonlight overhead, "for the blue lotus." The expression of the wind changed: "Where did you know?" Lian Qiu's body is just a mortal breath, and no demon will discover that she is a lotus demon. Naturally, someone told me, "Mo You laughed softly,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and suddenly the whole person jumped up and dodged the sword flying to him from the front. The sword was nailed to the tree, shaking vigorously, and then Mo You gently fell on the sword, looking at Ming who suddenly appeared beside the wind," overrated. " With a kick, the sword flew out and went straight to Ming. With a reflex flash to the side, the sword flew straight into the room, and it turned out to be facing Chen Xiaoyao. As soon as the wind side hand raises, the movement is extremely quick, also did not know what kind of method to use,ultrasonic dispersion machine, that handle sword already was held by him in the hand, but Mo You seemed to have guessed early that he would catch the sword, in the wind side meets the sword at the same time, in the hand restrains the cloud knife already to come out, the long body jumps, cuts to Chen Xiaoyao again. The wind side attention has been completely diverted by the sword, the night of Ming Ming also did not save Chen Xiaoyao's intention, no one blocked him for a while, Chen Xiaoyao "ah" a hide under the table, the table should be cracked, the twinkling of an eye will cut Chen Xiaoyao in half. Originally, there was a means to control the demon, but it had to go through the mouth of Chen Xiaoyao, but she didn't know what to say between the thrills. Seeing that she couldn't escape, she turned around and hugged the demon. Mo You had no time to stop. Before the knife was cut off, the man was clung to by the demon and was about to be cut down. The place on his chest was bitten hard by the demon. It was the empty place in his chest. He felt a pain and pushed the demon away. The wind had arrived over there. He stretched out his arm and pulled Chen Xiaoyao over and protected him in his arms. When the opportunity was lost, Mo You stopped and stared at the wind. With a cold expression on the side of the wind, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he looked at Chen Xiaoyao in his bosom and said, "Dear little demon, how about saying six times that I want to eat?" Chen Xiaoyao has not yet come back, clinging to the wind bank, people do not stop shaking, listen to the wind bank said so, also do not think much, directly said six times, "I want to eat.". The sword fell to the ground with a sound of "Dang". The demon was furious, but he came up and grabbed Chen Xiaoyao and shouted, "I want to eat." Chen Xiaoyao opened his mouth wide again. After blowing out the lamp, Lian Qiu took off his clothes and went to sleep. As usual, Yang Tao did not move, nor did he reach out to embrace her, keeping his original sleeping position motionless. Lian Qiu opened her eyes and looked out of the window at the moonlight. She turned over and reached down to touch Yang Tao's broken leg, but was caught by Yang Tao. Don't touch it. He stopped it softly. Why can't you touch it? Lian Qiu hugged him from behind and said, "We are husband and wife." Yang Tao's body stiffened, pushed her away, and sat up. The moonlight outside was so bright that he sat up and blocked the moonlight. Lian Qiu looked at him. I've thought about it. Lian Qiu, let's sleep in separate rooms. And he got up with his clothes on. Why? Lian Qiu also got out of bed. Yang Tao did not answer, opened the door: "I go to sleep in the study." Then he went out. Lian Qiu watched her husband's back disappear, suddenly covered her mouth, and a low sob was hidden in her throat. The first time I saw Yang Tao, he was just a six-year-old child. She turned into a lotus and played with the river all the way, but she was entangled by the water demon and could not escape. He picked her up from the river and said in surprise: How can there be a blue lotus in the world? She ran home excitedly and wanted to show her family. However, when she got home, she had turned herself into a white lotus. Her family just thought it was his imagination, a joke, and ignored it. He believed what he saw and planted him in the lotus pond at home. He came to see her every day, hoping that she would turn into a blue lotus. She stayed in the Yang family, blooming and withering with other lotus flowers, watching him practice martial arts in the morning fog, listening to him read at noon, and the lifeless art of war at night. Later, he gradually forgot about the blue lotus, and gradually grew up, growing into a young man. Teenager's dream is the most pure and from the heart, he is the son of a general, but does not like force, like playing the piano and poetry, there are several times he was punished by his father kneeling on the edge of the lotus pond, he stubbornly kneeling, while carrying the Book of Songs: The reeds are grey, and the white dew is frost. The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side. Tracing back and following it, the road is blocked and long. Swim back and follow it, Wan is in the middle of the water. That's what he looked like at the earliest time, simple and kind. When he was fifteen years old, he went to war with his father for three years. When he came back three years later, his father died in battle, and he was the only one who returned triumphantly, dressed in fresh clothes and angry horses. When she saw him, he had taken off his battle robe, and was no longer proud, but lonely. She looked at him in the lotus pond, and he was no longer the same. In fact, she could leave at this point,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but when she saw him crying and washing the sword his father had left him by the pool, she was reluctant to give up. The simple one might still be there, but it was deeply hidden. fycgsonic.com