Zhibei Tour-Luoshui

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I turned around and took off my clothes slowly. I think Gan Lingzhen's face must be very beautiful at the moment.

I turned around and took off my clothes slowly. I think Gan Lingzhen's face must be very beautiful at the moment. The lake is so big that I can't swim around in half a day. I found a cave at the bottom of the lake. I swam in and saw that it was the crystal palace of the dragon butterfly. The stone pillars collapsed and the ruins were everywhere. Past events, as if wandering among the ruins, I feel very familiar, but just can not remember. In my previous life, the dragon butterfly was the all-powerful demon king, but in this life, I am just a small hoodlum. Is this life, I can only be looked down upon? Am I really willing? For the first time in my life, I was thinking seriously about my future. Behind the rock, a colorful water snake scurried out, opened its blue fangs, and pounced on me. I reached out my red claws and grabbed them like lightning. Fortunately, if I hadn't practiced my red claws, I would have died. *** him, even a small character like you dares to bully me, the grand demon king. I was so angry that I crushed the water snake. Today's lunch is snake soup. Just as I was about to swim ashore and have a good meal, I suddenly remembered the strange phenomenon of Red Claw breathing fire. My heart moved, and Red Claw tried to reproduce the scene of breathing fire. After trying for a long time, I was so exhausted that my red claws didn't even have any sparks. I was just about to give up, then I thought, if I can't even do this, how can I talk about the lofty ideal of touching the whole body of Jiu Danmei? I collected myself,water bottling line, exercised my muscles and bones, and relaxed a little. The mind is as clear as the lake between the eyebrows. I gazed at the red claw, redder than blood, as if I were waking up from a sleep. The meridians in my body tremble, and the red claws are connected with my essence and blood. For the first time, I felt that it was me and I was it. As if a long time ago, it has been with me, has been with me, inseparable. I slowly raised my red paws. I thought I heard its roar of excitement. You must have been lonely for so many years. You must be waiting for me,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, too. Wait for me to lift you. Wait till I wake you up. Wait for me to accompany you! I! Roar at the sky! Sixteen years of youth turned into an unwilling roar! My blood is hot! I'm mad! I! It's the Dragon Butterfly Demon King in the North! The red claw whistled out. The water of the lake oscillated forward with five sharp waves of air, and the red flames, which were thin and shooting, bloomed in the water like a shining firework. Flames are not extinguished by water, but more brilliant! I burst out laughing, and if Gan Ning really hit me with petals again, I would burn the petals to ashes with my bare claws. It's better to burn her Taoist robe as well. Hey hey, I don't know what it's like when Gan Ning really takes off her clothes? Floating ashore, I ate a delicious snake soup. In the next few days, besides hunting fish and shrimps in the lake, I practiced my red claws. Sometimes I am very tired and want to give up, but I still hold on. The flame of the red claw gradually increased, and in the end, as long as the mind moved, it could spew out a small burning fireball. What's the use of practicing Dragon Butterfly Claw well? Jiu Danmei sat beside me and said lazily, plastic bottle making machine ,Edible oil filling machine, "You can't escape the disaster all the time." "I'm not a dragon butterfly," I said as my bare paws spewed flames and I roasted a bony fish. "It can't escape the disaster. That doesn't mean I can't." Jiu Danmei chuckled and said, "What a big tone! I'll wait and see.". But if you die early, the three of us will be free. "You can rest assured that I won't die so easily before I play with you." I was so angry that I kneaded a few big yellow cakes into powder and sprinkled them on the fish. Although the big cake fruit is salty and astringent, it can be used as seasoning and salt after drying. These days, I have found out the taste and performance of every kind of fruit in the woods. After the fish was roasted, I picked up a purple berry, squeezed out a few drops of sweet and sour juice, and rubbed it on the golden fish to remove the fishy smell. Jiu Danmei stretched out her long, soft tongue and slid it gently. "It seems to be delicious." Beauty, your fragrant tongue must taste better. I thought to myself and said, "Nonsense. In the past, in Luoyang, the beggar's chicken made by Lao Tzu was excellent, and the wild dogs three miles away would be attracted by the fragrance.". How's it going? Would you like some? Jiu Danmei shook her head. "I'm a vegetarian." "Oh, you can't be touched by a man anyway. It's like being a nun. It's right to be a vegetarian." No, it is said that vegetarianism can reduce the harm of natural disasters. ” I exclaimed in surprise, "Huh?"? Is it true or not? "Look at Gan Lingzhen and Hai Ji," said Jiu Danmei. "Which one eats meat? Don't blame me for not reminding you earlier. Anyway, with your little demon power, even if you are a vegetarian all the time, you can't avoid the disaster. I was stupefied for a moment and asked hurriedly, "Will Gan Lingzhen, Hai Ji and you also suffer a disaster?" Jiu Danmei nodded and said, "Human beings who practice have a small plunder in twenty years, a heavenly plunder in two hundred years, and a mysterious plunder in two thousand years." I laughed to gloat: "Haha, so you are going to be robbed, not much better than me.". "What vegetarian? I want big fish and meat every day, and I want to live longer than you!" The sky suddenly darkened, dark clouds gathered, "boom" a thunder, pouring rain, pouring down. I grabbed the bony fish and ran into a wooden house by the lake. This wooden house, built by cutting down trees, is very simple, with boulders piled into beds, bark twisted into strings, and then woven into straw mats and quilts, more than a dozen mud pots piled in the corner, filled with fruit wine brewed by me. Strings of dried fruits are colorful and hang under the eaves. Jiu Danmei came in, and now she seems to be my follower. I mercilessly stared at Jiudanmei's round and high buttocks, but unfortunately, it was not good to eat. The raindrops were dense, and a white mist rose from the lake. The petals of the snow lotus close automatically, wrapping up the sweet lemon, as if melting in the vast smoke and water. Haiji stood on the shore, motionless and watertight. The rain hit her three feet above her head, as if it was blocked by an invisible umbrella and could not fall any more. Damn it, Haiji is so awesome! I envy tunnel: "Is this that what armour bending?" Jiu Danmei snorted,juice filling machine, "The origin of Hai Ji's armor bending is orthodox, and she is the chief Valkyrie of the Hall of the Sea. Of course, she has two skills." 。 gzxilinear.com